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to ensure the physical and mental well-being of students the city corporation initiated yoga classes

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The city corporation on Monday initiated yoga classes in all corporation-run schools to ensure the physical and mental well-being of students.

The 27 corporation schools in the city will have yoga classes for all students every evening after school hours. The students will learn to relax and be able to focus more on their studies, said N. Ravichandran, city corporation commissioner. “These classes will help students to learn things that cannot be taught in class hours, but will be very useful for them. The students these days are very stressed and require an outlet. We found yoga to be the solution,” he said.

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A team led by Manoj Acharya, a professional yoga teacher in the city will be handling the classes in schools across the city. “Children will benefit a lot from yogasanas. Over here, we started laughter therapy first because the children need to laugh and feel free. This will, in turn, help them improve their academic performance and boost memory,” he said. Students’ posture too, will improve, he said.

The Corporation Higher Secondary School, KK Nagar kick-started the initiative on Monday with 350 students from the school engaging in yogasanas and laughter therapy. “We will inaugurate the classes in all 27 schools gradually,” said Mr. Ravichandran.

Students too, welcomed the initiative, stating that they would love to learn something through the special classes. “We are looking forward for the mental transformation through yoga,” said a student.


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