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Treatment for stroke has become affordable as the MGMGH

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Treatment for stroke has become affordable as the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial government hospital (MGMGH) is now equipped with the medication to treat it.

“The expensive part of the treatment is an injection that costs around Rs 38,000 that is now available with the hospital,” said dean S Saradha while addressing reporters on Tuesday. “We have been providing treatment to stroke patients in the last two months and two patients have been treated,” the dean said. The treatment requires doctors who are in stroke care by rapid intervention with plasminogen activator and thrombectomy (SCRIPT).

The treatment is one of the components of Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative (Taei) by the state government. A team comprising general physician, neurologists, neurosurgeon and radiologists will be treating the patients. Patients with symptoms like loss of balance, trouble in vision, face droop, arm drift and slurred speech should be admitted within 3-4 hours to save them.

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The team of doctors comprising Dr E Arunraj, Dr S Senthilnathan and Dr D Nehru said that patients should be aware of the symptoms. If they receive the treatment within the window period, they can prevent permanent defect in the brain. “After ascertaining that there is no blood leak in the vessels, the treatment for stroke can be provided. The treatment should be completed within three-and-a-half and four-and-a-half hours. Recombinant tissue plasminogen activator is the only treatment to save the patient and we are equipped to provide the treatment,” said Dr V Ravikumar, head, department of neurology.

If a patient with stroke is admitted to casualty, the patient will be shifted to the red zone where the SCRIPT doctors will attend the patient if it is in the window period. The patient will be rushed to CT-scan to check if he/she requires thrombolytic therapy.

(source :TOI)

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