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collecting fee for the construction of an auditorium

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Parents of students in an Anglo-Indian school in the city were taken aback when the school started collecting fee for the construction of an auditorium under the pretext of collecting money for the alumni association. On Monday, Campion Anglo-Indian higher secondary school in Cantonment sent a message to the parents of outgoing students of class XII asking them to collect the marksheet of their wards after paying Rs 1,500 towards auditorium construction and Campion old boys association (COBA). Irked over the demand, parents brought it to the notice of the district chief educational officer (CEO) M Ramakrishnan.

CEO said that on seeking clarification, the school informed him that COBA was a separate entity outside the school that has been collecting money for alumni activities. He said that the school had promised to keep such activities outside its campus and not insist on parents paying the same.

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Asked about the school making it mandatory to pay the money to get the marksheet, he said that parents would not be forced to pay up. Besides, the school would not be able to collect money separately from the parents for the construction of a school auditorium, he said.

(source :TOI)

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