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Tiruchi is prepare for the rainy season

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‘Low-lying areas have been identified and storm water drains are being constructed’

Well ahead of the northeast monsoon that brings in considerable rainfall, the City corporation has plans to meet the requirements to rule out stagnation in low-lying areas.

Though rainfall during June-August is not a matter of concern, and does not warrant preventive measures, generators have been kept on standby to drain out stagnating water, N. Ravichandran, Corporation Commissioner said.

Storm water drainages are being constructed wherever necessary, he said, adding: “We have identified low-lying areas and are also keeping a regular check on water pipeline leaks. In particular, we are making sure that sewage does not get mixed up with drinking water. All drains and channels are regularly cleaned to ensure that clogging does not occur when it rains.”

The civic body is currently working on streamlining waste water discharged from residences through the comprehensive underground drainage system (UGDS).

The city, until now, was using storm water drains to dispose of grey water (used water from bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines). Black water ( water mixed with faeces) is sent through separate channels. The rainwater was directed either into the Uyyakondan canal or to the Cauvery.

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“The UGDS will ensure that the storm water drain remains solely for rainwater and that it does not overflow even during heavy rains,” Mr. Ravichandran said. Houses in Srirangam and other areas in north Tiruchi will soon be fitted with the UGDS connections.

Meanwhile, residents complained of discomfort caused due to the on-going UGD works.

“Due to the activity, the entire street is blocked and we are forced to spend an extra five minutes to manoeuvre our vehicles around the work being done. The situation is worse when a school bus has to pass. The corporation is always making something and remaking it without any comprehensive planning,” said R. Ramachary, a resident in Srirangam.

Some are of the opinion that open drains need to be dealt with before any other arrangements are made for the monsoon season.

“We have an open drainage canal passing by our house. When it rains, all the garbage from it flows out and along with it, rainwater combined with drainage flows onto the front of my house. I have to pour clean water and wash it off and even sweep garbage away. The stink is unbearable,” said M. Sumitha, a resident in Woraiyur.

(source : The Hindu)

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