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An exhibition of old coins, paper currencies and unique banknotes

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An exhibition of old coins, paper currencies and unique banknotes organised by Tiruchi Notaphily Society in the city has attracted schoolchildren and enthusiasts in droves.

The visitors learn something new from each of the 50 stalls at the three-day exhibition at Srinivasa Hall culminating on Sunday.

Yoganandini Vignesh, an avid collector who has displayed ‘animal notes’ and ‘nature notes’, currency notes with flora and fauna on them, said that choosing a theme and collecting the notes add more excitement to the hobby.

“I have never left the country but I have currency notes from 215 countries, including 17 countries that do not exist now. This is only possible because of friends and relatives who travel the world,” she said. Collector’s edition notes with Einstein, Nicola Tesla and even a Ganesha idol were also an attraction at Yoganandini’s display.

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Mohammed Zuber, a coin collector, displayed unique coins from various rulers and their dynasties. The Bijapur Sultan in the 1600s made hairpin coins which women would wear on their hair and smuggle it into other countries, said Mr. Zuber.

“Coins as small as the top of a pin were minted. These are difficult to find but hold very important significance,” he said.

‘Coins of Dindigul Region’, a book written by Karthick Chandrasekar, was released at the event.

“I travelled across the delta region and found that the coins here belonged to three major ancient locations – Palani, Kadari, Virupatchi. These coins have not been discussed before and I believe that through my book we can highlight their importance,” he said.

(source : The Hindu)


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