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Tiruchi City Corporation should take necessary steps for interior roads

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Though there has been a notable improvement in the condition of arterial roads in the city, many interior roads, mainly cut and cross roads, are in a state of utter neglect, prompting concerned citizens to call upon the Tiruchi City Corporation to take immediate steps to relay them.

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 Deep potholes and battered stretches are common sights on many of the interior roads. Several roads are in a bad condition, giving tough time to the motorists.

 The poor condition of interior roads in places such as Karumandapam clearly suggest that more than 10 years have been completed since the roads were laid. Complaints grow louder as hardly any attempt has been made to relay these roads or at least carry out patch works over the years.

 Residents cite the poor condition of Ashok Nagar West roads, Aruna Nagar cut roads and Thahir Nagar road as examples. “I remember the Corporation laid the roads about 13 years ago. Since then, several roads in Karumandapam have seen many rainy seasons and natural disturbances. But, there is no maintenance of interior roads except on a few main roads,” says G. Jayakumar, a long time resident of Ashok Nagar West in Karumandapam.

  “Many roads are totally battered. We have nowhere else to go except ride on an uneven gravel surface,” he adds.

 Situation of interior roads in Woraiyur are no different from that of Karumandapam. Due to uneven and battered roads, motorists find it extremely difficult to commute. Residents say Konakarai road, Vekkaliamman temple road, Kalaiyan street road, roads in Thiyagaraja Nagar and AUT colony are also in a poor condition.

 “Several roads are unfit for vehicular movement. The Corporation is following discriminatory approach between main and interior roads in both maintenance and relaying. We keep on bringing it to the notice of officials on the poor condition of interior roads. But, the roads continue to be in a state of neglect,” rues T. Thirunavukarasu, a former DMK Councillor and a resident of Woraiyur.

 The battered Vasantham Nagar road near Keezhavasal reveals that condition of interior roads in Srirangam is no better too. Residents say several years have passed since the roads were laid. Various roads including Satharaveedhi, Drainage road, Kollidakarai road, Melatheru and Keelatheru in Veereswaram cry for attention.

 “Our representations have been neglected for so long. Normally, roads should be relaid at least once in five years. But, the Corporation has failed to follow the norm. Let the officials travel on some of the interior roads and find out for themselves how the residents are suffering due to poor upkeep of roads,” says V. Jawahar, president, Tiruchi (urban) District Congress Committee and a resident of North Adayavalanjan Street in Srirangam.

 When contacted, Corporation Commissioner N. Ravichandran told that the civic body was giving equal importance to maintaining the interior roads. Periodic maintenance was being done. There were issues in maintaining roads as ongoing underground drainage (UGD) works had to be taken into consideration. A sum of ₹34 crore had been sanctioned for relaying several interior roads in the city. Work orders had been issued. Roads and residential colonies, where UGD works were over, had been chosen for relaying, he added.

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