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burning of garbage is a punishable offence : Trichy City Corporation

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The thick blanket of smoke rising from the garbage mounds set afire by sanitary workers and a section of firms is such that you will have to turn on the fog lamps of your if vehicle you are going for a morning drive in the city.

Though burning of garbage is a punishable offence, people still continue it because of the poor enforcement. The root cause of this menace is attributed to the failure in the collection of garden waste and the failure of residents to hand over domestic waste to sanitary workers. Owing to the lapse, garbage accumulates on roads and open space. Sanitary workers burn the waste mounds on the spot instead of removing it from the vacant space in residential streets. Not only sanitary workers, even a section of private and government establishments struggling to get rid of their garden waste, mostly dry leaves, have been burning it on their premises.

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The smoke rising from the income tax department quarters on Williams Road has been causing inconvenience for the commuters heading to Central bus stand. As people have been using social media to raise complaints on waste dumped on roads, it is said that sanitary workers have been burning the waste indiscriminately.

The smoke emanating from the burning garbage in parts of the city has also been taking a toll in the city’s air quality as plastics were frequently burnt along with the waste. “Smoke from waste along with the sultry weather irritates us a lot almost once in every two days. We had to cover our nose with a handkerchief while going out,” S Sakthivel from Williams Road said. Vacant plots including government lands have come handy for people to burn garbage mounds on VOC Road, KK Nagar, Cantonment, and Karumandapam areas.

Residents said that sanitary workers, who are hesitant to ferry waste from residential streets, are indiscriminately burning waste on vacant space. “Sanitary workers were told that they will be losing their jobs if caught burning waste on roads. We will step up the vigil to penalise the residents who burn waste in the open,” an official with Trichy City Corporation said.

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