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‘Women are still illegally sent abroad as maids’

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Although there is a ban on sending women to abroad as housemaids, manpower agencies flout it on the pretext of recruiting them for other jobs, alleged travel agents at the meeting organized by the city police to warn about fake travel agencies in the city on Tuesday.

Saravanan, a recruiting agent, underlined the worrying trend of women from poor economic background being sent to gulf countries as housemaids. He said that manpower agencies conduct recruitment drives in Mumbai and Hyderabad on the pretext of selecting women candidates for some other jobs. In some cases, the candidates are aware of the job they are recruited for as they are desperate.

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However, most of the time the women unaware. Such housemaids are subjected to harassment most of the time by their employers and are kept in illegal custody for even up to five years. Since employers withhold their passport, they have no other option other than to languish there. The agents said that the harassment also include sexual assault on the housemaid aged between 30 to 40 years. The agents also said that unlicensed agents are now cheating people on the promise of getting them jobs in Europe and Canada .

An agent pointed there is lack of awareness about verifying facts on fake job agents and the jobs offered in such countries. Often it is desperation that candidates, both educated and uneducated, take any offer from fake job agents and lose their hard earned money.

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