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Trichy Parkour (TPK) gains momentum


Trichy Parkour (TPK), an Adventure Sports activity which was launched in December 2012 in Trichy by Mohamed Imran Shajahan with the coordination of like-minded youth those as Sam Alexander, Muthu, and Jamal Mohamed in association with 15 team members with a vision of that TPK shall a pioneer to project Parkour as a Safe, healthier and long term sport in India and Mission that TPK strives towards a slim, fitter, healthier India and to Infuse Indian traditional sports into internationally arts in Indian domain. Trichy Parkour, a discipline that is unique gains momentum steadily in Trichy and it involves training the body and mind to move past obstacles in the path of the partakers using movements such as jumping, vaulting, climbing, crawling, balancing, etc. Parkour is simply used to get as far away from danger as fast as possible and in situations where we have to chase someone we can easily catch someone by shortening out route.Mohamed Imran Shajahan elucidates “the experienced TPK team members are conducting physical training both indoor and outdoor classes for people irrespective of their age and gender and over seven years Trichy Parkour (TPK) have trained over 400 students in Trichy and these enthusiastic students are usually the people whom we meet and greet in our Trichy streets, of all walks of life including physically challenged.” The founder is proud of expressing that TPK is still at their  early years, they are first if not the best Parkour Team in India.


It gives kids the opportunity to explore their environments and if taught properly, it also helps them in traversing an environment safely by identifying potential treacherous points, Focus a lot on strengthening your body. Being strong to be useful is what Parkour is about”. Currently TPK conducts its project in Public Science Park, Annanagar of Trichy City Municipal Corporation.Trichy Parkour (TPK) strives towards achieving their objective of ‘To be the number one PARKOUR team in India in quality and safety with a philosophy of inculcating the qualities of its target population such as Self discipline, Focus, Determination, Control of fear, Humility, Helping others and positive way of live etc.TPK Proposes to undertake additional courses such as  Free running, Chase tag,Calisthanics, Crossfit, Slack lining, Rock climbing, Body building, Karate, Silambam, Boxing, Nunchaku,Valari,Tonfa,Yoga etc.


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