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manholes of under ground drainage

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In an attempt to find a lasting solution to the frequent overflow from sewer lines and manholes of the under ground drainage (UGD) system around the Rockfort temple, the Tiruchi City Corporation has appointed a consultant to carry out a detailed study to identify the problematic areas.

Areas such as Andar Street, Chinnakadai Street, Singarathope, Theradikadai Street, Nandikoil Street were among the oldest habitations in the city. They were parts of the erstwhile Tiruchi municipality. Besides these areas, some parts of Woraiyur, Thillai Nagar, Palakarai, Varaganeri, East Boleward Road, West Boleward Road, Varaganeri were brought under the underground drainage network about 50 years ago.

There have been frequent complaints of malfunctioning of UGD. Though the issue began to surface about 10 years ago, the number of complaints has gone up sharply in recent years, thereby suggesting the need for overhauling the old UGD network.

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Corporation Commissioner N. Ravichandran said that there was a compelling need for finding out the most affected parts so as to devise a plan of action to set right the old UGD network. The underground pipes have been found damaged in some places and in some parts, the system could not bear the pressure of over utilization and increasing population.

Hence, it had been decided to carry out a comprehensive repair of the old UGD network. As a prelude to it, a consultant has been appointed to figure out the reasons for malfunctioning and the status of old UGD network.

“He has already started collecting inputs on malfunctioning of UGD network and has been asked to submit the report within two months. Based on his findings, a scheme would be prepared for its revamp. It would be included under the Smart City project”, Mr. Ravichandran added.

(source : The Hindu)

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