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garbage collectors Refused to collect food waste from households

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Refusal by garbage collectors to collect food waste from households has met with strong opposition from residents of the city. Under the existing garbage collection system, which was introduced about two years ago, residents have to segregate bio-degradable and non-degradable waste at source and keep them in separate bins. The garbage collectors, allotted to various streets, would visit every household daily along with a light compact vehicle (LCV) to collect the waste. The workers would subsequently transport the waste to the nearby micro compost yards for disposal or producing organic manure from degradable waste.

Though there is no change in the system, complaints have arisen that the garbage collectors nowadays are reluctant to collect food waste from the households. There were instances of garbage collectors leaving the households by abandoning baskets containing food waste that included vegetable left overs. Stating that senior officials of the Corporation had directed them not to collect food waste, the sanitary workers insist the residents to set up home compost to dispose food and vegetable waste. Residents allege that the garbage collectors, who once used to collect the garbage irrespective of any objects, have been dictating terms nowadays, leading to unnecessary arguments between them and residents.

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There are complaints of corruption and there are allegations that the sanitary workers do not hesitate to collect all types of garbage and solid waste from those tipping them every month. “Food waste and vegetable leftovers form major part of domestic waste. Corporation officials fine those dumping waste in open places. Most of the garbage bins have also been removed in the city. Where will we dispose the food waste if the sanitary workers refuse to collect them?,” laments a woman of State Bank of India Officers’ Colony in Lawsons Road. “I was fined Rs.500 for keeping unsold vegetables on a street near to my shop a few days ago. The Corporation officials insist us to dispose the vegetables by setting up home compost.

How is it possible for traders like me, who operate on rental shops, to set up home compost,” says a vegetable vendor in Cantonment. A cross section of residents said that the problem had started surfacing since the introduction of segregation of waste at source about two years ago. Rather then strengthening the solid waste management system, the civic body has been making residents responsible for disposal of garbage, they complain.

(source : The Hindu)

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