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6 Principles for Living an Inspiring Life

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“We are not our bodies, our possessions, or our careers.

Who we are is Divine Love, and that is infinite.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Everybody has their opinions about how we should live our lives. And for me, it’s becoming hard to know who or what to listen to. So, I found it a tremendous relief when I came across this succinct list of 6 principles by which to live a spiritual life, because it comes from a renowned expert, who lived a rich and rewarding life, and who inspired many wonderful people.

1st Principle: “Be Independent of the Good Opinions of Others”

IdeasRather than accept what others determine for you, telling you or advising you how best you can fulfill your potential, you should make your decision based on your ‘own inner calling.’ Often people have strong opinions about where you should live, with whom you should associate, what you should do, and so on. However, no one else but you really knows what your purpose or calling in this life is.

2nd Principle: “Be Willing to Accept the Disapproval of Others”

If you act contrary to what your peers and others wish, you may experience their disapproval, scorn or rejection. Yet to be true to the first principle you must be willing to accept their harsh over-reactions: meaning, you should not see their protests as evidence you should disobey your own calling. Eventually, they will respect your single-mindedness, and many will look to you for their inspiration. This shows how important you can be, a beacon for the world.

3rd Principle: “Don’t Die Wondering”

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Don’t squander your life opportunity, leaving your inner calling unheard and your true potential unexpressed. Never be afraid to take the plunge, even if there is a chance you might ‘fail’. Failure won’t matter if we think of life as a kind of game, a joyous sport where we each rack up our fair share of wins and losses.

 4th Principle: “Stay Detached from Outcomes”

We are led to believe that we ought to set achievable goals for ourselves and meet them. However, Sage Maharshi, saying: “There is no goal to be reached. There is nothing to be attained. You are the self. You exist always.” So, be like a dancer, for whom the purpose of dancing is not reaching the end of the dance, but experiencing every step of the way. If you are outcome-focused, you will be forever ‘out of spirit’. Contrarily, if you live in the permanent ‘now’, you will be forever ‘in spirit’.

5th Principle: “Know That We Need Nothing/No Things to Be Inspired”

We can become so occupied with our possessions – and our neighbors’ possessions – that we forget that the ‘objective universe is not made up of things’. Rather there are waves of motion that stimulate ‘things’, making them appear real and essential. A spiritual person sees beyond the impressions, living ‘from the mind’, free of bodily restrictions. Oriented in this way, know that God is present throughout the universe. Take it as your inspiration, that to commune with God, you already have everything you need.

6th Principle: “Remember That Our Desires Won’t Arrive by Our Schedule”

Don’t be disappointed if something you wanted fails to arrive. There may be obstacles in our path, but we have attracted them to us, as part of our life purpose. Let overcoming them become your desire, taking each moment as it comes. This advice speaks to our delicate egos, which often have no truck with sudden shocks and unexpected forks in the road. Let yourself be more like God – who showers His rain on the just and unjust – and look upon calamity as you look upon ‘success’.

In summary: To live a spiritual life, listen to your inner calling, ignoring others’ misplaced advice. Be unmoved by their disapproval, they will respect you. If you ignore this path you will have crippling regrets. Don’t worry about achieving goals, simply enjoy the journey. Neither take heed of the illusory things of the world. Instead, retain control of your mind and be at one with the universe. Finally, don’t be chained to your expectations. If things don’t fall out as you hoped, let them be.Do Not Surrender to Negativity.

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