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A former teacher is seeking government support

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A former teacher, who claimed to have been dismissed from a government aided school in Tiruchi in 2013 for taking substantial time off [from his teaching responsibilities] to design a device to save children trapped in borewells, is seeking government support and recognition for his finding.A. Venkatesh, 35, a native of Vettukadu in Namakkal district, was among the volunteers who rushed to Nadukattupatti near here to rescue Sujith Wilson trapped in the borewell. On Friday night he had dropped his camera-fitted device into the borewell in an attempt to locate toddler Sujith, who was trapped in the borewell.But, the zigzag surface of the sides of the borewell and its narrowness became a stumbling block for dropping the device beneath 54 feet depth.

However, Mr. Venkatesh managed to capture the movements of Sujith on a panel. The voice of Sujith was heard until 3.30 a.m. on Saturday. He dismantled his device only after the body of the boy was pulled out on Tuesday morning.Mr. Venkatesh was among thousands of mourners, who are yet to come out of the shock over the death of Sujith. He has a deep regret that he could not rescue the boy alive. He is now looking forward to improvising his robotic device if the Government offers support and recognition.Mr. Venkatesh claimed he had spent up to Rs. 9 lakh for designing the device. After losing his job, he returned to Namakkal to work as a driver. Mr. Venkatesh claimed that he had pulled out the body of a boy from the depth of about 300 feet, who fell into a borewell in 2014 in Bagalkot district of Karnataka.After evaluating Mr. Venkatesh device, the Mechanical Engineering department of Indian Institute of Technology – Madras had certified it in 2013.Since then, he has been demonstrating his device at various government offices. But, he feels that he is yet to get recognition from the Government. He named his device as “Ammavin Anbum Aravanaippum.“

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“Timing is important to save children from borewells. The chances of rescuing children are more if we reach the distress spot within the golden hours,” said Mr. Venkatesh.The government should have a database of lifesavers in each district and taluk headquarter of the State. Instruments had to be designed at various sizes so as to suit varying sizes of borewells. In the event of securing support from the government, the device could be improvised for use in borewells of different sizes, Mr. Venkatesh said.

(source : The  Hiindu)

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