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‘RCI-SEVAI Open Shelter,Trichy encourages inmate children to participate in creative activities

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The Project Coordinator of RCI-SEVAI CCRS Project,Trichy Mrs.Revathy enlightened the blog writer and further said ‘The Project staff of ‘Railway Children-SEVAI run Open shelter for boys under CCRS project’ in Trichy engages the shelter male inmates to participate in creative activities of promoting their self confidence level.

The inmates, mostly adolescents are generally run away children from their homes are due to academic stress, poverty and harassment by family members force etc., as some of the reasons of children to flee their homes. Some of these children have run away from their homes probably due to the glamour of cities, peer pressure, duress at home, physical abuse or even being abandoned by their parents. Many of these runaway children are not able to eat a proper meal and in some instances are trapped in the clutches of petty criminals and human traffickers.

These children are vulnerable to bad company and drug addiction, and end up committing petty crimes. These runaway Kids and teens might have faced new problems like not having any money, food to eat, a safe place to sleep, or anyone to look out for them and kids with no home and no money become desperate, doing anything just to meet their basic needs. Runaway kids may get involved in dangerous crimes much more often than kids who live at home.The Rescued children in such conditions are given by RCI-SEVAI Open Shelter maximum care and protection and meeting fundamental needs as well as Life Enrichment Non-Formal Education for children coping with life challenges.

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It is very important to inculcate the importance of child rights and human values.  The Non-Formal Educator of the shelter connect the children in positive learning by making them to take part in education process of imparting knowledge, development skills and promoting social values among the Open shelter inmates. It is the evolution of life coping education in such a process of providing care and protection of such needy children.The Non-formal education provides an educational response to the needs and concerns.The Project staff motivates the inmates to draw a development tree aiming at expressing  their aspirations in the shelter wall and

ask children to draw all of the things that they like about themselves around the picture and encourage them to add to the picture every time they think of something new they like about themselves. Participatory teaching process of the non formal education is an approach motivating the children to exhibit their talents and aspirations.

The Non Formal Educator with the support of the counselor, care givers and project staff of RCI-SEVAI is involved in ‘nurturing the inmates’ strengths and play a positive role for the self-esteem and self-confidence level growth of the kids in the shelter. Open Shelter run by RCI-SEVAI inculcates positive attitude among the rescued children for continuing their education, take part in activities that develop their resilience and the social and emotional skills they need for life, be emotionally and physically healthy and able to cope with the demands of adolescence and becoming an adult; and grow up in a safe and supportive environment’.


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