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SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School inculcates Joyful Teaching Learning process

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“SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School inculcates Joyful Teaching Learning process in the school offers favourable environment for the academic and extracurricular performances of students” Principal of the SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School Mrs.Chitra Balasubramanian  enlightened the teachers and further said, “As educators, we need to take learning seriously. But that does not mean that learning must feel like serious business for our students.

By providing joyful learning environments and experiences for our students, we can improve engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes and it would increase pace of learning with activities like playing, exercising, laughing, acting kind, and having choices as to how to participate. Motivation, attention, perseverance, and creativity go up when students are involved in joyful learning environment. We need to design these environments for our students based on what we know about the intelligence, emotions, and learning opportunities by creating an inviting classroom where students feel happy and comfortable helps to lower feelings of stress and increase positive attitudes about learning. Our students may have any number of struggles that make it challenging to be successful in school.

Children Learn in Joyful School Education Environment
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We need to have the power to create a welcoming, supportive, and interesting place for students to learn. Paying special attention to the learning materials you use in class is also part of designing a joyful classroom. We can create and use content that appeals to our students and they have shown improvements in retention and understanding of the concepts after lessons. Teacher need to take up an approach that connects real life to learning while valuing what is interesting to our students.

There are many ways to surprise and delight our students to heighten their interest in what they are learning. Make learning experiences relevant to the group’s interests. We can’t assume that we know what is interesting and enjoyable to our students. To best understand what our students like and care about, it is important to get to know our students better and take notice of what they are happy about. Invite students to share their interests and desired things, and offer choices as often as possible for them to investigate, respond and create in ways that matter to them”.


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