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SEVAI-RCI Open shelter created a ‘Calm-down corner’ in counseling space


SEVAI-RCI Open shelter created a ‘Calm-down corner’ in counseling space.RCI-SEVAI Open Shelter in Trichy for rescued boys has a counseling room as child friendly space. A calm-down corner has been created as space for angry and upset children to go to engage their minds and release their anger. The Project Coordinator of RCI-SEVAI CCRS project Mrs.Revathy and the Open Shelter counselor Manikandan jointly designed the calm-down corner in this counseling space of the Open Shelter. The calm down corner is a great addition to Open Shelter counseling space. It provides a safe place where inmates practice calming strategies and improve self-regulation with more support and guidance of counselor.  This calm down corner is contented and calming and this corner is more than just comfortable space, when the boys are in this space; counselor of Open Shelter engages the child through calming down, checking in on how young boys are feeling, choose calming strategies, check in again to see how they are feeling, and repeat until they feel they are back to calm. A simple process like this    makes the calm down corner purposeful and also teaches boys self regulation skills.Ms.Revathy, the PCO of CCRS Project opines, “The calm down corner naturally is to practice soothing strategies as a warm-up, a cool down, with transitions with yoga cards   on hand and go through a couple simple sequences and such additional exposure to a calming strategy helps restless boys to regulate their emotions”. This calm down corner exercise by OS Counselor helps the child with stress by listening, spending time together, encouraging to child to eat well, sleep, exercise and think positively. The calm down corner releases the stress and helps child to face the situation with attention, energy and strength.


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