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K.Govindaraju, Director,SEVAI appreciates ICHEC –India 2020 projects

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K.Govindaraju, Director, SEVAI, Trichy based NGO appreciates ICHEC –India 2020 projects addressed,

“Dear Mr. Vincent Haurt, team Members and ICHEC students of Allur Community centre construction and School class room construction projects- 2020,

Good evening.

At the outset, as Director of SEVAI, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to ICHEC Senior Management, staff members and students of ICHEC both teams, Allur and SEVAI Shanthi School of -2020 for the efficient involvement of the construction projects in Allur and Shanthi School.

Community centre constructed in SEVAI Allur

We are grateful to Senior Management of ICHEC Business School, Brussels and the Director of Mr. Vincent   Haurt and ably assisted by the supportive staff members for selecting SEVAI for this partnership nearly for two decades. SEVAI has been partners with ICHEC for 17 years now. ICHEC has been financing for housing, construction of school class rooms and construction community centers and wok sheds for livelihood projects for local poor people of the villages of Trichirapalli District.

Workshed Roofing for training youth
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India includes varied ecological formations along with cultural diversity and historical heritage. Over the years, India has grown manifold and embraced changes to keep up with the dynamics of the world. ICHEC Students, Being volunteers in SEVAI in India can be complex as well as rewarding experiences of life. You students of ICHEC, coming and working on voluntary basis in SEVAI in India would have gained familiarity about this part of the country and its language and culture and would have developed leadership skills, self-confidence and a greater understanding of the local work culture around you in both projects.

ICHEC Staff expresses her happiness

As students’ volunteers from Belgium coming for three weeks you, ICHEC Students must have certainly come across things that amazed, challenged, and changed you. In spite of the rapid development, India still faces several socio-economic problems including illiteracy, issues pertaining to women and children, poverty, lack of sanitation facilities etc. You might find yourself questioning and constantly evaluating your definitions of ‘social work’, ‘volunteerism’ and ‘service’. We, SEVAI sincerely appreciate ICHEC Business School Students team students’ labor-intensive support of the construction process of Community Hall construction situated in SEVAI centre, Allur as well as SEVAI Shanthi School class room constructions. ICHEC Team students worked friendly with community people, students, construction workers, masons,electricians,painters and roof fixing professionals, barbenders and plumbers both Allur and SEVAI School projects and it also gave happiness for the local construction workers for expressive communication with quality construction works.

ICHEC Volunteers provided a selfless service with no financial benefit for the ICHEC students but for the students of SEVAI School and rural community of Allur. The community center in Allur is constructed in a manner, which is conductive to the rural communities needs for accommodating around 150 persons at a time with the stage facilities and electrical fittings and eye pleasing colors.

The Classroom constructed by ICHEC in SEVAI Shanthi School has ventilation, veranda space and adequate space for learning and teaching process as teacher – students’ friendly, the best place and mark of experiences and emotions and educational memories of each and every student. Both the projects in Allur and SEVAI School will be put in use as soon the inauguration is over for the purpose of the construction of buildings aimed at.

“We, SEVAI are very happy to receive ICHEC Team as volunteer in Trichy Villages. The ICHEC Students are cheerful and adaptive to local culture and living conditions, foods and work culture.  They are work conscious and respect local customs   and during their stay of thee weeks, they were always eager to learn and inquire about our community life as they also share their experiences with us.

The ICHEC students are quick learners and as they understood the daily working, they took initiatives to help with things on their own but falling in line with the targeted community Centre construction works with construction field professionals. The students liked being in the nature and was engaged in many physical tasks. Each time we inquired about their well-being, the students smile and say “everything is fine, we are always fine”. The students have positive attitude to work and socialize with local community people.

On behalf of SEVAI and target villages’ community of Allur and SEVAI Shanthi School, I want to express our great appreciation for the management of ICHEC and its students for sincere efforts in the construction of  school class rooms in SEVAI Shanthi School, Allur Community Centre and up gradation of rural technology centre in Sirugamani.We wish more success and hope to strengthen our relationship with mutual cooperation with ICHEC and great success for the students in their studies”.

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