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a centre at Sirugamani aims at improving rural people’s livelihoods

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SEVAI Rural Technology centre in Sirugamani promoted by SEVAI provides technology for women as the methodical knowledge for marketable products manufacture and in cottage industry, farming and marketable products. Technology transfer for rural women aims at improving rural people’s livelihoods in a reasonable and sustainable manner, both socially and environmentally, through better access to assets like natural, physical, technological and social input, and services and improves women livelihoods on a sustainable basis.

Technology transfer helps to improve the quality of life, especially for the poor and disadvantaged women, by transforming economic. The technology transfer livelihood project brings about positive change in the living standards of women. Sirugamani technology centre covers both agricultural and non-agricultural sectors for income generation. Group governance, skill transfer, revolving fund and linkages of groups to the national system were some of the prioritized activities of this Rural Women Technology centre. The involvement of women in the workforce empowers the women and the community.

Technology and Financial inclusion of women increases their access to resources, bargaining power and the opportunity to earn an income.SEVAI-OFI women self help group members are trained in the production of cement hollow bock for the construction of  structures in Rural Technology centre situated in Sirugamani of Trichirapalli District of Tamilnadu. Concrete hollow blocks are innovative building products that are used as substitutes for traditional bricks in building construction. Concrete Hollow blocks are made out of a mixture of Portland cement, sand, gravel and water. When the mixture is wet it is paste-like and can be cast into the form of the block.

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When it dries, it hardens until it becomes like stone. Hollow concrete blocks have one or more hollow cores. These cores reduce the total cross-sectional area of the block by at least 25 percent. A hollow-core concrete block is more than 50 percent solid. Standard hollow concrete blocks come in full and half sizes. Full-size blocks are rectangular and have two cores. Half size blocks are cubical and have one core. Hollow blocks are often used to build large structures like boundary fences. The reduced volume of concrete used to make each block adds up to a significant savings in cost for the materials for the whole wall.

Their lighter weight also makes them easier to lift. The hollow cores also give adequate room to place reinforcing materials like steel bars if the design calls for reinforcing. Sometimes water pipes or electrical conduits are run through them. The women trained in production of cement hollow block earns around Rs.10,000 per month. A group of 5 women can join and start a cement hollow block production.


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