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Hands-on Education enables Pre-KG kids to learn sharply

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Young Kids are brilliant who love to experience everything from physical and hands-on learning objects. Structured Play and exploration are vital to the growth and development of children. Pre-KG Education deals with developing the personality of a child through sensory learning which includes touching, smelling, seeing, tasting, and creativity. Learning by doing for Pre-KG Kids is a hands-on approach to learning, meaning kids must interact with their environment in order to adapt and learn and doing helps the kids to gain a better understanding of the material

The activities are more work based in the sense that the focus is more on promoting concentration abilities among children. Also, since it aims to improve the concentration abilities of children, the classrooms and material is aesthetically designed and gives a home like feeling to children. One aspect of the pre-KG teaching strategies that teachers should consider more fully is the fact that children can also find meaningful work within the play structure of Pre-KG education. Providing a nurturing atmosphere in which children can flourish includes allowing them to enter the world of ‘real work’ such as picking up toys, identification of domestic animals by simple Pre-KG project work with teachers and family guidance.

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Helping activities are a crucial part of Pre-KG education. Allowing kids to explore the satisfaction of accomplishing target and assisting in the projects smoothly gives the kids more opportunities to feel the value of their participation. This is valuable growth and learning time. A Pre-KG kid learns responsibility and empathy when learning about surroundings, pets, domestic animals etc and taking up project work.

Learning to share and play games that appeal to the younger child also build good character. Appropriate supervision for younger children in preparation for Pre-KG education is necessary


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