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‘Hello English Corner’ for kids


SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School launched ‘Hello English Corner’ in school premises to enable the school kids to have a better communication in interactive English. An Exclusive space of 500 sq.metres space and roofed area has been created for supporting English speaking skills of School kids. This ‘Hello English Corner’ was jointly declared open by Ms.Lucile, OFI volunteer from Bangalore and Mr.N.Krishnamoorthy, a reputed educationist and member of Child Welfare Committee Trichy on 12, March 2020.

‘Hello English’ Video as teaching Aid: introduced by Corlie

This School is situated in rural area and most children come from rural families and the school is the only source for improving the English speaking skills.OFI Volunteer Ms. Corlie, with the support of School English Teachers, with the able guidance of Mr.Robin Jour and Mr.Oliver takes steps to run this ‘Hello English’ Course for school children more efficiently. This School uses the video released by Regional Institute English Teaching in the name of ‘Hello English’ as teaching Aid for this spoken English class.

Ms.Lucile ; Teaching-Learning process by Robin in Hello English Corne

Learning English involves all four language skills which are fundamental to speak and understand a language. These four skills are listening, reading, speaking and  writing. One of the advantages of learning English at Hello English Corner of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School  is that students engage in these skills with their teachers who speak only in English so that the students first get used to listening to the language, becoming familiar with it. The listening skills are strengthened this way. Also, students engage in speaking by answering questions, developing activities, and talking with their teachers and classmates. This helps them to get to know new vocabulary,

idioms, and other characteristics of the spoken English. Since this is done daily, students practice the English speaking skill continuously. Another important area is the reading of stories and texts as an integrated approach to English Learning. Speaking English allows the children to actually broaden opportunities to the ability to relate to children of city schools. The benefits spoken English bring in the life of a person’s knowledge of the English language are countless. The latest world news and discoveries, the most important discussions and the various fields of books is firstly available in English. Thus an efficient functional English Course of the School will benefit the school kids at par with the city kids.


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