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School near Trichy promotes Interactive Library

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SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School promotes Interactive Library with the support of Mr. Troy Swanson and Dr. (Mrs) Benjamine Oberoi of OFI. The OFI Volunteer Robin Jour, the Librarian of the School mentions, “the library of the SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher School has evolved into an inclusive space of interactive learning in which students can benefit from new activities.

Dr.Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi

Mr. Troy is an American philanthropist and founder of Alphabet club, a European educational NGO which SEVAI has been working with since the first idea of an interactive Library in the school. With this partnership, Troy gave SEVAI and OFI the opportunity to get access to more than 350 story books from the great Tulika publishers through funding and coordination.

Ms. Oberoi Benjamine, meanwhile and with her partnership with us through OFI, ensured that the process was well managed and implemented during her periodical visits to Tamilnadu. From library class during the day to special training classes for teacher during the evening, the library has become a place to live and to learn. With its new technology access, children can also learn from a visual support.

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We believe it’s nice for their education to have a visual contact with their environment in all its forms. We believe that our students need to manipulate all forms of knowledge from English expressivity to sciences and astronomy. With a strong emphasis on story books, the library is providing a range of classic activities such as listening and comprehension to reading and expression as we believe children should get exposed to book and literature activities in order for them to train their minds for the future, through stories and comprehension. By opening themselves with books and an open mind, it will be time for them to write their own story.

Theo , PE Trainer

The library activated its interactive mode by allowing kids and children to watch documentaries during classes on several topics in which we find Ecology, Wildlife, Science and Geography. During these classes, children are in a friendly environment that allows them to express and to debate”. The Senior Management team of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School as Chaired by Mr.K.Govindaraju School correspondent and Co-chaired by Ms.Chitra, school Principal and joined by OFI volunteers Corlie and Oliver discussed for the effective functioning of school library for the students educational benefit.

The School Management appreciated good work done by OFI Volunteer Robin Jour, as Librarian, who transforms school library into exciting, interactive learning space and also thanked Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi of OFI, Mr. Troy Swanson for their comprehensive support for promoting such an interactive Library in the School.


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