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The director of NIT Prof.Mini Shaji Thomas, has started Distribution of hand sanitizers

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World Health Organisation recommends that alcohol based hand
sanitizers are effective and proven to destroy virus and microbes and ensure protection from the COVID 19 infection .WHO and NITT Doctors
still recommend the use of soap and water and claim that it is equally effective in maintaining hand hygiene , as the hand sanitizers ,the latter comes handy and easy to use making it more popular.

Considering the increasing needs,with  the initiative taken by
Dr.R.Priyanka ,Institute Medical Officer  to prepare in- house
sanitizer in NITT, as per WHO guidelines,with the guidance of
Dr.Cindrella,Professor Chemistry Department,Dr.N.Anantharaman,Chairperson Hospital Adviory Committee
and Professor,Dept of Chemical engineering and Dr.Meera
Begum,Professor and Head Department of Chemical engineering, 25 litres of hand sanitizer was prepared as per medical recommendations, at a very  nominal cost.

The  team  members Dr.R.Priyanka & Dr.Malaimala Sarasveni,Institute Medical Officers,Mr Narayanan executive engineer, Mr.Karthikeyan,AR Accounts ,Mr.Kannan and Mr.Robinson Chemical Engg and Mr.Mohan Chemistry Dept had jointly contributed to make this effort successful.
This is a great step towards  protecting self and others from the
COVID 19 pandemic and comes handy to maintain hand hygiene at places and situations where handwash is not possible.

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This venture was highly appreciated by the Director Prof.Mini Shaji
Thomas,  who received the first bottle of the NITT’s handrub.The
Registrar Mr.Palanivel  distributed the sanitizers to the Security
Officer for department and public use.

As the response is good and the  need increasing,The NITT team is planning to make 100 litres of the sanitizer in a few days .

For more Details Contact:
Dr.Priyanka, M No 9486001137
Dr.Malaimala Sarasveni,
Medical Officers,

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