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1,150 inspections daily: Caution collector warned of corruption issue

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The Collector has warned that 1,150 people are being inspected daily in Trichy and that the Covid-19 decision will be carried out by the corporation.

The 65th Ward Observation Committee was headed by Coordinator of the Cooperative Committee, collector S.Sivarasu, at Srimad Andavar College, Sri Lanka. The meeting was attended by Trichy Municipal Police Commishner Lohanathan Deputy Commissioner of Police,  Vetharathinam (Crime and Transport Cancellation), Sivasubramaniyan and other officials. Speaking at the meeting, Collector Sivarasu said: Do you have a disease that identifies people who come to the Trichy district from Chennai and the surrounding districts with e-passes and those without e-pass? The committee has been set up in 65 wards to detect and isolate and examine the health of all persons in each area.

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