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Testimony of Dr. Justin Paul a Cardiologist The HOD and Director of institute of Cordiology MMC Chennai

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Testimony of Dr. Justin Paul a Cardiologist The HOD and Director of institute of Cordiology MMC Chennai

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Glad to share with you all that by the Grace of God, both me and my wife returned back home on 3rd July after a prolonged hospitalization.

Since late march, when I started my work in COVID control room, and started working to create state guidelines, I started living in a separate room isolating me from my wife and son. I had taken all precautions. I had fever and cough in end of May and soon I tested positive for COVID

As soon as I got the news, I packed up my things, collected all the clothes used by me including the beddings, locked my room, and went to MMC and got admitted. MMC team was very helpful. Thanks to the MMC COVID team, the ward and the room were comfortable. MMC COVID care team had done a phenomenal work in creating new beds and providing infrastructure.

The day one I got admitted, I called both my sons and my wife online meet and I was trying to put things in order and prepare them for my departure. My eldest son stopped me and said “Dad don’t you remember how God brought me out of the dengue shock syndrome, how God got both of us out of the Swine flu, How He got mom from a near death from her Infectious mononucleosis and scrub typhus coinfection. The same God will bring you out. Stop these now”. He helped me look at my experience with God, and my faith in Him got renewed.

I had high fever 101 -102 in the first few days, subsequently it came down to around 100. My fever lasted little longer than usual. One night I was febrile and breathless and was not too sure if I will make it. Listening to worship songs and praying helped me to sail along. By day 9 I was afebrile. I felt I was making it through, however I was advised to be careful as the second week could be dangerous.

The COVID ward nurses and the servants who came to clean the room, did their job with sincerity and dedication. I was praying that no one of these nice souls should be affected. Two nurses who did duty in our ward, got COVID positive subsequently. I was in touch with them. Thankfully they were asymptomatic and became negative on day 5.

As I was feeling better on day 10, and waiting for my day to move out, was shattered to hear, when my wife started having fever and cold. My wife tested positive the next day. Thankfully my son was negative. They got her admitted in the room opposite to me. She had a tough time. Her fever continued to two weeks, and then continued in low grade 99-100 for another ten days. Her CT on day 5 was normal. She became breathless on day 8 and repeat CT showed lung involvement.

She required intermittent oxygen therapy for about a week. She was given steroids and blood thinner injections. For a couple of days, I was not sure how it will go. It looked like a cat on the wall situation to me. Prayer and worship songs kept me hopeful and comforted.

Though she started feeling better in the beginning of third week, her liver enzymes, were not coming down. Her inflammatory parameters started going up. Towards the end of third week, she developed skin rashes which was quite severe. It was felt due to COVID involvement of Liver. Treatment was started for it too.

Her swab was positive on day 15 also. I came to know later that she had the highest viral load recorded at MMC. Thankfully the swab on day 18 was negative.

She continued to have low grade fever, tiredness and skin symptoms. Over the next week, as she slowly improved. We came home on July 3rd. She still feels week and breathless on little effort. Looks like it is going to take time for full improvement. But God is good and is gracious to us and will see us through.

Sometimes when I saw young doctors dying of COVID, I don’t know why He chose to save us both. But I sincerely thank Him for His sovereign Grace shown to us. We don’t deserve it. But as u know Grace is always giving favor to those who don’t deserve it.

I thank all our church members and priests who kept praying for us. I thank God for His mercy and Grace.

God is good. All the time. God bless you all and keep you safe.

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