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Case filed against 5 persons who attacked Sri Lankan Tamilans

Five persons have been indicted by the police for allegedly attacking a Sri Lankan Tamil at the Trichy Special Camp Mill.

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Case filed against 5 persons who attacked Sri Lankan Tamilans 

The Trichy Central Prison is a special camp for refugees. People from various countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bulgaria are staying here. They have been detained in a special camp for fleeing abroad while various criminal cases are pending against them. So far there are 80 people in the Trichy special camp. Some of them have been involved in occasional protests demanding the immediate release of their cases. More than 20 Sri Lankans have been on a hunger strike for the last few days demanding the immediate release of Tamils. Others are reportedly upset over Nisanthan from SriLanka, who did not participate in the hunger strike.

Case against 5 people.

In the same situation yesterday evening, five persons who were in a special camp were attacked by a group of people. In this, he attained injuries. Seeing this, the camp police rescued the actress and admitted her to the Trichy Government Hospital for treatment. According to the complaint lodged by Nishanthan, KK Nagar Police Inspector Vijayabaskar has registered a case against 5 Sri Lankan Tamilans Mugamill, Ravikaran, Nakuleswaran, Sasikaran, Prakash and Rajeevan.

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