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Farmer Stabbed with a knife on his body in Tiruchi

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Farmers protest in front of Trichy Collector’s Office: old man Stabbed with a knife in his body

People’s protest:

Tiruchi Corporation’s second phase of work is underway in 15 wards of the 15 Bill Sewerage. In order to recycle the waste water discharged from these wards, a waste water treatment plant is being constructed at Kalkandar Fort under the 1st Ward. The people and farmers of the area are protesting against this. Agricultural land will be affected if a wastewater treatment plant is set up at this site, which has been used as a paddy field for years. So they have already staged several protests urging an immediate halt to the construction work.

Stabbed with a knife:

Protesters held banners with slogans such as “Do not ruin the farmland, cancel the waste water project” and chanted slogans against the government. One of the protesters, Ravi Kumar (age 40), a farmer, was stabbed in the arm and body. As soon as he started bleeding, the police surrounded him and admitted him to the government hospital for treatment.

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