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The communist party gave petition to Trichi corporation

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The Communist Party has petitioned the corporation authorities for the risk of spreading the disease due to the turbulent drinking water

Some people led by Velusamy, the Abhishekapuram area secretary of the Communist Party, came to the municipal office yesterday. The bottles they were holding contained turbulent drinking water. Later, they submitted a petition to the corporation officials stating that drinking water was being disturbed in wards 38,39,40, 41 and 42 of the Trichy corporation. We know that the water coming to these wards from the Cauvery river in the Jeeyapuram area has been stopped and now water is being released from the Kollidam river. People who drink this water, which becomes muddy in a very turbulent state, are at risk of spreading infectious diseases including malaria, dengue and meningitis. Therefore, it was said that action should be taken to provide drinking water continuously from the Cauvery river in the Jeeyapuram area and to clean the overhead reservoirs.

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