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stress hormone alerting the body that it’s in danger situation

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Hello Everyone
How are you ?
Today I have a short story for all of you an experience that I had gone through few years back but the memories was still fresh in my mind.
It was late in the evenings where I was driving to sent my friend back home. However the day happen to be raining heavily and we was actually crossing a fly over bridge and the rain water was splashing down strongly which caused blind spot on all the vehicle that was passing over that particular area .I would say it takes about 10 seconds to come out from the blind spot . I totally unable to see through anything neither I could see any lights because the rain water was to strong splashing down on my vehicle and I start panicking because my mind was questioning back to me, should I stop immediately or should I just keep driving because I don’t know how do the other drivers would react to this crucial situation .Even though I was panicking but my intuition was kicking in saying that I should keep driving and so I was driving and finally I come out from the blind spot area. I thank God because all the driver was in sync thinking to keep driving and we manage to cross safely .
I have learned some strong lesson from this short and frightening experience . When the panic button start activated, the mind will produce cortisol in your body , its called stress hormon alerting the body that its in danger situation . During this situation do you listen to your panic self or your intuition , to many people have followed their panic self and that is one of the reason many unforeseen incident occurs on the road or even in our life. Apart from that I realize our life is also similar to this short experience where sometimes we put a speed break when we have to face something that is unacceptable , unforeseen or some kind of changes appears but in life we only have forward button, no one holds a backward button neither a stop button because only God holds the stop button for every being. Therefore, no matter what is ahead we should move forward and there is no way to turn back or to stop in between .Sometimes We are face to have faith within ourselves and to trust that everything going to be alright.
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Right now in this pandemic journey every human being must be conscious enough of their action because now its the strongest testing period where God have put all of us through and its our responsible to move towards the right direction in order to get to our destiny. Every test its just making us a better person and leading us to a better destiny.
Hope my simple story give a little light for everyone
Nandri Vanakam
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