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Gajendra Motsam celebrated without devotees

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A statue of Gajendra Motsam is placed in the Amma Mandapam. The story of this is that an elephant worships Sriranganatha every day with flowers in the pond. One day a crocodile caught its leg. The elephant also relentlessly tried to push it away. It was impossible. Eventually Sriranganatha cut off the crocodile’s head with his wheel and saved the elephant. This is Gajendra Motsam.

It will always be held at Srirangam Amma Mandapa Cauvery River on the occasion of Chitra Polnami. But due to the corona infection instruction, it was held on the evening of the 27th at the Karudalvar shrine in the temple without the devotees.

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Then the temple elephant stood in front of Namperumal who had risen in special attire and split three times. Later, Sadari paid homage to the temple patrols by placing sandalwood on the forehead of the elephant.

Astanam Aarti was held for Namperumal.

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