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Does ”Dark Mode” protect the eyes?

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Researchers have found that the dark mode in a mobile phone alone does not improve sleep.
Many people today suffer from sleep-related problems due to the use of electronic devices such as computers and cell phones. These cell phones have become one of the essential and entertainment in the life of most people.
Blue light from a mobile phone can affect the retina of the eyes and affect sleep.
To reduce this, studies show that the Dark Mode feature used in smartphones does not affect their sleep much.
According to a recent study by Brigham Young University in the United States, dark mode is not affect the sleep.
Divided the three categories into those who used a smartphone at night in the dark mode, those who used a smartphone at night without the dark mode, and those who did not use a smartphone. There is no big difference between those who use Dark Mode and those who do not. Those who did not use a smartphone enjoyed a good sleep.
Analyst Jensen says your sleep depends on what mood you are in at night.
However, he added that “Dark Mode” protects the eyes more than blue light.

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