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In what way we will overcome the mental stress

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For the Past years The mind will always think when We will go home from the office. But due to cornona the situation has turned upside down. Nowadays we think that when will we go to the office.
Those who started office work by entering a room in their homes with equipment, including laptops, provided by the office in the same month last year, are still doing so today.
This condition is caused by the corona around the world.
It has become a very difficult situation today to spend time with paralyzed electronic devices at home and hold consultative meetings over the internet, correctly understand the terms stated by the company officials, share it online with the team members and consult and reach a decision.
Those who work from home will not have any occupational problems as long as they are given proper job security and proper pay. If there is any defect in this the situation changes. For those who work from home for some companies, what will be the future status of the company they work for?
their Child ‘s education going to change? Will this employment continue? Thoughts like these arise means their mind highly depressed.
Sharing those fears with co-workers and consulting with them to resolve office-based issues is now impossible. Depression is caused by not being able to share them with others in the home. Their stress is further exacerbated when the media reports that the impact of the infection is increasing.
What you need to do to overcome this is to spend time meditating, exercising, going outdoors, Or setting aside time for rest one day a week and chatting with friends is likely to reduce stress.

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