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In Trichy, a Call for ATM card secret number, theft of 1 lakh 400 rupees !


Alagirisamy had an account with a bank in Trichy Thillai Nagar.
On the 26th a call came to his phone. The voice that spoke in it is that your ATM card has expired. Tell me its secret number to renew it.
Relying on this, Alagirisamy told his ATM secret number. Thus, 50,000 and 50,000 were withdrawn from his account twice and then 400 rupees. A total of 1,00,400. mysterious persons have been stolen from his account.
Alagirisamy has lodged a complaint with the bank manager and the Trichy Thillai Nagar police station. A case has been registered in this regard and an investigation goes on.

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