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Young Girl From Trichy Who Achieves In Many Fields of Music….!!

Interview By - Srirangam Thirunavukarasu


Young Girl From Trichy Who Achieves In Many Fields of Music….!!


This young girl from Trichy is making her dreams come true. She is going to represent India in music competitions at the International Diaz will be held in Dubai coming August 2022. How is it possible to do it? The only answers are patience and perseverance. As we heard mostly, the first impression is the best impression. It’s different in the case of Linda George. In general, she looks calm and silent. When the musical version of her is activated, she transforms into a typhoon on music stages. Then she will become a completely different woman. I find myself wondering. I think that the progress happened because of her sheer will, commitment, and dedication. They are prime reasons why she has been successful in various fields of music, says her mother, Lima Rose.

Linda George is 13 years old and has been performing in various genres of music. Her mother, Leema Rose, works as a dentist at Trichy Boiler Plant Hospital. She is in the eighth grade at Montfort School (CBSE), Kattur, Trichy. We interviewed Linda George in person at her home.

Linda George

When did your mother realise that you were interested in music?

When I was three years old, everyone was watching TV in the hall at home. Be it a devotional song or a movie song, I listen to it with my heart. Then I would leave the room and go to the next room, where I would be singing the same song. “Singing well, Linda, without a bit of fuss.” My mother would come from behind and hold me and caress me. It continued. Perhaps my mother must have realised that then.

If Saraswati Vidyalaya Music College is located here at Boiler Plant, then what? My mother enrolled me there to learn at the age of three. I have a class from 5.30pm to 6.30pm in the evening. From the age of three, I have been going there continuously till now, learning by each and every chance. From the beginning, I learned formally from Mrs. Rama Narayanan. I have been continuously learning as a disciple of Rukmini Srikrishna since the age of eight. Do you know what the result is? I have been singing devotional songs in the surrounding temples during the festival seasons. If I start chanting Vinayagar Agaval songs loudly, saying “Gana Nathane… Guna Bodane…”, everyone in the group will listen with a melt of heart.

What are you learning in music following that?

I started learning western music at the age of five from Crescento Music School in Ramalinga Nagar, Trichy. My master is Jonath Pakiyan Seelan. This school is affiliated with Trinity College of Music, London. In addition, I have been practicing Western Psalms together. It includes music training and study with eight graded certificates. Western music is available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish too. I have mastered western music in all four of these languages up to grade six, except Spanish.

How and where will the selection for each grade take place?

The selection will take place in their respective centers in many countries around the world. Its examiners have to come here from London during each grade examination. We must sing before them. Apart from that, we have to elaborate on the musical notes of the particular song. We have to get each grade certificate only after passing the abovementioned. Now I am doing 7th-grade training. I will pass both grades seven and eight within the next year.


Congrats. Anything following that?

I practiced Hindustani hymns from age seven. I initially learned there from Miss Ayanthika at Boiler Plant Saraswati Vidyalaya School of Music. Ghazal songs by A.R. Rahman Online training sessions from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM daily through Rahman’s music school, KM School. You will be surprised to hear this. Every day, my school ends at four-thirty. I will rush across the school gate and get into the car. In a matter of seconds, the music class starts. So I attend coaching classes in the car for half an hour before reaching home. Another half-hour training session after reaching the house This training is only on Mondays and Fridays. But this practice continues even today.

 Mm. Mmm.. then??

Since the age of eight, I have been teaching light music songs to Malayalam composer Renjith Vasudev from Kerala through an online class daily from eight to nine o’clock at night. I have been learning to play the piano at home for five years, and Chennai Natarajan has been teaching online for three years.

I have participated in singing competitions on many channels and won many medals. I won all three rounds and was awarded as the title winner in the Carnatic singing in seven voices competition organized by Saradas Textile Company. A title winner in the song from “Hope TV Devaragam 2020.” I was also the winner of the online competition, the World Voice Competition.

Having trained in many disciplines in music, what is your current achievement in those disciplines?

Last May, in Pune, Maharashtra, the Akila Bharatiya Sanskruti Sangh organized a national talent competition in the field of arts and culture. The competitions were held for ten days from May 21st to May 30th, 2022. I was one of the people among many who participated on behalf of Tamil Nadu. I participated in five all-India level competitions and won in all five categories of music. The prizes are First Prize in Folk Songs; First Prize in National Songs; Second Prize in Melodic Songs; Second Prize in Carnatic Music Songs; Third Prize in Songs with Carnatic Music and Melody. So, in total, I alone have received five awards at the All India level.

The competitors came from all the states of India. So far, I have participated in junior division competitions for thirteen to eighteen years. It is noteworthy that I was a thirteen-year-old girl among those who participated. And it is more significant that I sang songs in the Tamil language in many categories of music in the competitions I participated in. Through this, I have been selected for International level competition. A four-day international music competition will be held in Dubai from August 13 to 16, 2022. I have been selected to participate in those competitions, representing India. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Well, the music is all right. Are you questioning your studies?

I will tell myself that too. From LKG to 8th standard, I have been studying at Montfort School (CBSE), Kattur, Trichy. I was the topper of the school in all subjects from LKG to 7th. My anticipation is to win in many categories in the international music competitions to be held in Dubai next August.

ANGUSAM wishes you a great journey in your musical endeavors. Linda George: Go grab them untouched.

Interview by  Srirangam Thirunavukarasu. 

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