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New Market Strategy of RELIANCE


Reliance Supermarket in India has been operating successfully for many years with various branches. From essentials such as milk to all groceries, home care products, decorative items and clothing, it has been set up as a one-stop shop for customers. Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart, Jio Smart, Reliance Digital Jio Store has opened various branches to try to improve sales. However, the number of customers kept decreasing.


In this case, Reliance noticed that the public’s attention was more on the supermarket with a local name. Branches which were operating under various names were renamed as Shree Kannan Smart Superstore which was currently operating successfully in Coimbatore.

Also, now a new branch has started in Trichy Ponnagar named Shree Kannan Smart Superstore. Currently, a special discount of Rs. 1 kg of sugar is being offered at Rs.9 to customers who purchase more than 2000 products. Also, they are offering discounts of at least 6% on all days. Reliance has come up with a new business strategy in the name of local supermarket.

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