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Hindu Front arrested in Trichy

In trichy, Inthu munani conduct the final tribute for military mans who were died in war in China border. They raise their voice against china's president and the broken the chinese products. So there were some push thron between them.

Private buses are started to run in Trichy

In Tamilnadu, due to slightly release of lockdown and followed by government buses are started to run in the date of 1 jun 2020. Trichy district transport institution and  other 7 district are started, and still running. Each bus 60% (34)…

Road in river path complaint by farmer

In Trichy court near public worker office Tamilnadu farmer’s institute head( no politics) started fasting for requesting for river safety Trichy road maintain and safety mission (From Trichy Punjapur to Thuvakudi, Assur ) damaging the river…

Near jeeyapuram:Born baby thrown and recovered

InTrichy near Jeeyapuram kadiyakurichy bus stand , yesterday  morning  the born 2 month girl baby was seen.  The police started investigation about thegirl baby and handover the baby to wonans police station and that girl baby was handover…

13 members were arrested In manaparai

In Trichy district, manaparai  bus stand the farmers fertilizer center which was aided by government farmer department. They are struggle for return the central government’s mission  like urgent safety  for farmers fertilizer and low…

23 gram gold was stolen in Trichy

Manimaran who lives in Kalaivanar street near airport, in his house 23 gram of gold was stolen which is in locker. He gave complaint in police station, and police start their investigation on Aravinthan(age23) and he accepted. Police… Would you like to receive our Latest News Immediately ? No Yes