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Dance to reduce mental stress

There is a common phrase such as he/she danced in joy.  Thus dancing is usually associated with joy and as an expression of happiness.  Not only dancing or choreographing gives pleasure but even watching or rather dreaming of it also gives…

ripen cucumber help to hydrate the body

Fruits and vegetables, especially cucumber fruits, flood the market in summer. Women can be seen selling the fruits on roadside. Women from Iniyanur near Srirangam purchase these fruits and sell them in the city. “We buy a basket of 10 to…

Relief for prolonged headaches

Summer is, apparently, the worst time of the year for people suffering from migraines. The hot weather, accompanied by bright light, has the potential to aggravate the condition, doctors caution. “Come summer, and I end up suffering from…

“Wash Thoroughly and Cook Thoroughly’

TRICHY: “Wash Thoroughly and Cook Thoroughly’ could be the mantra for all to stay healthy as the amount of adulterated food laced with harmful chemicals making its way to the market is on the rise in Trichy. The food items range from…

Preventing Depression in Boys

We do everything within our power to make sure our children are healthy: bringing them to the doctor, giving them proper rest when they’re sick, enrolling them in extracurricular sports activities, and managing their diet. But as much as we… Would you like to receive our Latest News Immediately ? No Yes